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Welcome! My name is Derick Yung. I want to help people go green, get healthy, lose weight, look better, and create an additional income from home. If you know someone who might be interested in any of the above, or you just want to get in touch with me, please view my Facebook profile and add me to your friends list. I have a number of sites online. Here are some of my sites:

Fun and Games

Games and Tricks
At this page you'll find a new Connect 4 game, a surprising math trick, a challenging color illusion, a button game, a guessing game, Master Mind, and a fighting game called Arena.

Making Money Online / Home Business / Marketing

I'm involved in Internet marketing and network marketing. I currently use a system called Second Income Coach which provides training on how to market online and generate leads for any business.
Discover ways to help you generate a cash flow from your website's content. Read articles on content finding, search engine positioning, and income stream types.

Best Internet Affiliate Programs
Resources for those wanting to join internet affiliate programs or improve their affiliate business.

Work At Home Business Opportunity Articles
Contains a collection of home business related articles with many related ideas so you can work from home.

Earth Friendly Biz Success
Going green is a huge trend and Earth Friendly Biz is a marketing system that I use to promote three programs online and my primary business. This blog lets me share tips with other members using this marketing system.

Make a Living at Home
A Squidoo lens I created to help show people how they can make a living at home by being consistent using a system that can be duplicated.


Go Green and Get Healthy

Dry Skin Beam - Natural Dry Skin Care
Focusing on methods for natural dry skin care with links to relevant articles.

Natural Cleaning Products, Supplies & Tips
Want to save money, do your part to help the environment, and do so in a way that is safe for you and your family? If so, take a look at this blog for natural cleaning products, natural cleaning supplies, and tips.

Well, that's most of the main websites I have. I would enjoy hearing your feedback or answering questions you may have. You can catch me on social media sites: Facebook | Twitter | SoKule

Have a good day,
Derick Yung