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Amazing Math Trick

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This math trick will determine your birthday. Just follow the steps with a calculator and press equal after each step. Go ahead and try the trick without cheating! For a simple, online JavaScript calculator, click on the calculator button.

  1. Add 18 to your birth month
  2. Multiply by 25
  3. Subtract 333
  4. Multiply by 8
  5. Subtract 554
  6. Divide by 2
  7. Add your birth date
  8. Multiply by 5
  9. Add 692
  10. Multiply by 20
  11. Add only the last two digits of your birth year
  12. Subtract 32940 to get your birthday!

The answer's format is: month/day/year. For example, an answer of 123199 means that you were born on December 31, 1999. If the answer is not right, please select one of the following:
a) You followed the directions incorrectly
b) You lied about your birthday or don't know your birthday
c) All of the above

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