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Here are links to sites with free stuff:


Free Webpage Hit Counter - Count the hits of all your pages by copying and pasting the code.

Freestats - Tells you how many unique visitors your page gets daily and monthly.

Internet counter - Fill their form to get an HTML code for a counter.

Pagecount - A graphical counter and tracker with unlimited hits, hostnames of the visitors, and when your visitors came.

Siteflow - A counter and tracker service that allows you to ignore your own visits.

Free Stuff Sites

First Rate Freebies - Homepage freebies, free samples, free downloads, other freebie sites, etc.

The Free Site - Many links to free counters, free guestbooks, free graphics, free web space, free E-mail, free JavaScript goodies, free fonts, etc.

Free Web Space

Crosswinds - Free E-mail and unlimited web space.

Fortunecity - 6 MB free web space.

Freeyellow - Get a free website which includes a counter and classified board.

Geocities - Get 1 MB of free space with online editing and FTP uploading.

Prohosting - 10 MB of free web space and cgi.

Tripod - Now 11 MB of free web space. You can upload your pages, use their quick page builder, or print your own custom HTML.

Web International - Generates a free web page from a form.


Cbook - Choose background and text colour, remove messages, and add an extra question.

Free guestbook - Fill out a form and put the link on your homepage.

Guestworld - A popular free guestbook service.


Cgi-free - Get free scripts requiring no programming of cgi.

Dave's Site - Learn HTML through interactive tutorials.

Dr. Watson - Free analysis of your web page for problems which include bad HTML code, bad spelling, broken links, etc.

Free form - A free feedback form.

Freecode - Free internet source code.

Visitweb - Free URL redirection services.

WA's Introduction to JavaScript - A thorough tutorial on learning JavaScript.

Webalias - Free URL redirection. Also URL cloaking, advertising, and custom graphics.


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